Words are an essential element in the English language that helps us learn to write and read. A word is usually composed of various components, referred to as morphemes. They are words that define the word and are not reduced further. A word typically consists of a root or the base word and suffixes or suffixes. Words that are the root of children are a crucial subject that helps kids decode unfamiliar words.

These words in a sequence help us create paragraphs and sentences when put together. The knowledge of the phrase allows children to comprehend, read, and write quickly in English. When children have mastered reading comprehension skills, they can begin learning more complicated and lengthy words. They may need help decoding these words with many syllables. To improve a child's proficiency in writing and reading, they must be able to identify the more complex and challenging words. This is where a thorough grasp of the roots of words for children is beneficial.

When a child can recognize the root word, its prefix, and suffix, they will be better prepared to create new comments. This will help them to expand their vocabulary as well as aids in developing their reading, comprehension, and writing abilities.

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List Of Root Words For Kids

Here's a list of commonly used root words, suffixes, and prefixes.

Greek And Latin Root Words For Kids

A majority of the words that are used in the English language originated in Greek as well as Latin words. Below is a list of the most common Greek and Latin root words and their meanings. The list also includes talks with prefixes and suffixes added to them for use in the comments in sentences.

Root word Meaning of root word Prefix/Suffix

  • Astro star astronaut
  • and hear audio
  • Auto self-driving automobile
  • did say, dictator
  • Meter measure centimeter
  • Micro, small microorganisms
  • Form shape and shape structure
  • Multi-Multitasking
  • pend hang pendant
  • port carry Porter
  • Build a struct
  • Telephony from a distance
  • Therm heat thermal

English Root Words For Kids

Root words are those that have zero at the beginning and the end. They form the basis for numerous other dishes. Here is an alphabetical list of English roots and word families that are created by combining suffixes and prefixes.

List Of Root Words For Kids:

Root Words can be used to build word families by adding suffixes and prefixes

  • appear to reappear, appear disappear, appear
  • break breakable, breaking, unbreakable
  • build, rebuild, builder, unbuild, and building
  • care caring, careful, careless
  • comfort discomfort, comfortable, uncomfortable, comforted
  • Counter, count many counting, counted
  • employ unemployed, employment, unemployment, employer, employee
  • faith faithful, faithfully, unfaithful
  • Fearless, fearless, and fearful
  • Friendship, friendliness, unfriendly
  • happy happiness, unhappy, unhappiness, more comfortable, happiest
  • hope hopeful, hopeless, hoped, hoping
  • joy great, enjoyment, overjoyed
  • Kindness and unkindness. More gentle, generous

What are Root words for children?

A root or the base word for children is a different word with no affixes associated with it. It is the most basic version of a word with its own meaning. Words that are rooted or base aid in understanding the importance behind a more significant multisyllabic word by breaking it down into smaller parts. An affix is a sequence of letters that can appear at the root word's start or end. Adding an affix on the root word makes the word "new" or alters its meaning. The word that is base.

The primary or root word is an anchor whenever you apply an affix. It is this because it is the meaning of the word. Root words for children are a crucial aspect of learning the English language. When children recognize the roots of words, they can create new words or break down the more important word to understand their meaning. It's also a crucial instruction that helps children understand the process of making words. They also prepare them to understand the difference between suffixes and prefixes.

What is an Affix?

An affix can be described as a string of letters that may appear at the beginning of a word or after the word. word. Adding an affix typically alters the words' meaning or creates an entirely new dish. A suffix can also guarantee that the word is grammatically incorporated within the context of a sentence. There are two types of affixes: suffixes and prefixes.


The term "prefix" refers to a sequence of letters placed at the beginning of an expression. Sometimes it changes what the words mean or creates an entirely new word. Consider, for instance: Let's look at the word's root, "appear." The word appears to be evident or present. When you add the suffix "dis" to the word"appear," it transforms into "disappear."

The term "disappear" means to cease to be seen or in existence or disappear. Therefore by adding"dis" to appear, you added the suffix "dis" to appear you have created a brand new word which is the opposite of "appear."


A suffix can be described as a sequence of letters that is added to the beginning of a word to alter its meaning or to create the word. A suffix can change the tense used in the word. It could also transform it from a verb, the noun, into an adjective or adjectival. A suffix may also change the meaning of a word to superlative or comparative forms that are an adjective.

Knowing these roots for kids can aid your child in expanding their vocabulary and expanding on the significance of words. Go to Osmo for additional games, activities, and worksheets to help your children learn. Rhyming games for kids as well as multiple-meaning word games for children.